IPhones are only for the good guys

An interesting feature of Apple products usage in the cinematography

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On February 26, Vanity Fair, an American magazine in the field of politics, culture, fashion and film, published another video interview on its Youtube channel (more than 2 million subscribers).  This interview was conducted by Ryan Johnson, a popular filmmaker. First of all, he is known as the creator of the science-fiction film “Loopers” and the 8th episode of the Star Wars movie saga, “Last Jedi”. In a 23-minute long video, Johnson talked about his last movie, “Knives Out”. A detective drama tape was released last September (in Russia on November 28) and received rave reviews from critics (97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and extremely positive reviews from viewers (a rating of 8.0 on IMDB). In addition, the film was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Original Screenplay category. Financially, “Knives Out” also became successful: with a budget of $ 40 million, he raised 306. In the beginning of 2020, it was announced that Johnson is already working on a continuation of the picture. He is planning to release it before the end of 2021. The plot of the first part tells the story of Benoit Blanc, a detective, who is investigating the mysterious murder of the famous author of crime novels Harlan Tromby. Hollywood star actors such as Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis have performed in the movie.

Райан Джонсон раскрыл секрет Apple
Ryan Johnson revealed Apple’s secret

The interview instantly became popular due to Johnson revealing of a rather interesting secret: it turns out that Apple, whose products and accessories are regularly featured in movies and TV shows, prohibits negative characters to use them. Indeed, the real killer in “Knives Out” does not use anything related to Apple, unlike some suspects who ultimately turn out to be innocent. Johnson noted with humor that all other detective directors would probably want to kill him because of the exposure of this fact. And not only detective directors: now, watching any Hollywood movie, you can know in advance who is the villain and who is not. If the character in the frame uses Iphone, MacBook, AirPods and any other Apple products, then he or she is, by definition, a positive character. Thus, the company avoids negative associations with its products. According to representatives of the American CNBC channel, not only Apple has such a reverent attitude to the perception of their products by viewers. This is also true, for example, for manufacturers of various food products. It is unlikely that the company will like the fact that something with the label of its brand is thrown into the bin or broken into pieces in the frame.

Самые популярные бренды дорожат своей репутацией даже в кино
The most popular brands value their reputation even in the movies


Ocean in motion

Cruises: an affordable travel format

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A sea cruise may seem old-fashioned and not too comfortable, you may associate it with sailors of the past. Indeed, this way of exploring different parts of the world has a long history. One of the most important events connected with it was a shipbuilding revolution. I happened in the 30s of the 19th century, when sailing ships were replaced by steamboats. It was then that the transatlantic voyages became widespread, although the price of such trips was high and accessible to few people. Today, cruises have become a separate type of travel industry, and the price range and the number of destinations have expanded significantly. But are there any other benefits of this travel format?

Cruises as a luxury of a bygone era

Diversity. You can visit three, four, or even five countries at once. Every morning you arrive at a new port and plunge into the color of an unknown place – you go by shuttle to the nearest major city and get acquainted with its sights. If you don’t want to spend time and money on excursions, you can just go for a walk yourself, go to a local restaurant or (in summer) stay near the coast and swim in the sea.

«Посмотри на мир. Он куда удивительнее cнов» — Рэй Брэдберри.
“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list,” – Susan Sontag

Profit. A cruise, for example, through the Mediterranean, allows you to visit Italy, France, and Spain in a week. At the same time, the need to pay for several hotels and meals disappear. You will save the most when choosing the most expensive destinations, such as the Norwegian Fjords or the islands of the Indian Ocean. Well, if you decide to explore countries such as Denmark, Finland and Estonia, you can completely forget about air tickets – cruise ships leave directly from St. Petersburg, this is one of the most inexpensive options.

Fun. Modern cruise ships offer plenty of entertainment right on board. During the trip, the guest has an opportunity to swim in the pool and sunbathe on the deck, play games with animators, attend a circus show in the evening, sing karaoke and enjoy the seascape.

Atmosphere. During the cruise, a gala dinner is held for guests at least once – is this not a reason to show off your spectacular look in front of the photographer? In addition, every evening you can see off the sunset overlooking the water surface – that is a real beauty. Who knows, maybe it is the seascape that brings you closer to harmony within yourself?

Create your own sunset collection

Generation “Y”: what makes us who we are?

What is important for millennials ?

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Anyone born between 1985 and 2003 is called millennials. Sometimes we seem different, but there is still something in common. What values ​​do unite us ?

  1. Edutament is a meaning of life. We always strive for knowledge, and getting an education is one of our top priorities. One university is not enough for us, and there we go: in constant search for internships, summer schools, additional courses, workshops and lectures.
  2. I see my goal, I run towards it. Our generation is committed to self-development. We set goals, but refuse to move towards them cautiously and gradually. Millenials want to succeed in business immediately. Due to multitasking we love solving two problems at the same time.
All at once! Follow the goal without hesitation!
  1. Show me this immediately. The visual culture is extremely important for millennials. We look and notice. This helps the “Y” generation to understand the world. Therefore, it is not so simple to make an advertisement worthy of their attention.
Watch, notice and understand
  1. “Tell your friends.” It is important for us not only to watch, but also to share. And permanently! Media do not stop searching opportunities to meet this need: share button and streaming function appears in almost any application.
Share with friends
  1. Make the world better. We believe that this is possible. Millennials don’t only change themselves, but also the world around them. Today I will abandon plastic overuse, tomorrow I will sign several petitions in protection of homeless animals, and the day after tomorrow I’ll join a civic initiative.
Start changing within yourself what you want to change around
  1. The generation of kidult . We don’t want to grow up and therefore, we remain one foot in childhood. Sometimes a temporary departure from reality and “adulthood”, which is full of problems, is a must-have. And that is okey!



Is it good or is it bad to watch series ?

How do TV shows affect our brains?

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According to a survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends about 3 hours a day watching TV, which equals about 20 hours a week. Recently, the streaming company Netflix found out that 61% of users regularly watch from 2 to 6 episodes of the series in one session.

Watching TV shows is a way to get rid of stress
Why do people consciously spend time regarding other people’s stories?

There are several reasons why watching someone else’s life brings emotional pleasure. The fact is that brains produce dopamine – one of the hormones of happiness. Psychology Doctor Rene Carr told NBC News that the hormone of joy puts a person in a condition similar to a drug addiction. The hormone sends a signal to brains which says: “This is good. Keep up with the good work .” That’s why a person cannot stop on a single episode.

There is a term “binge-watching”, which literally translates as a “drunk viewing.” Usually the word “binge” is used in the context of excessive drinking, overeating or shopaholism, but more recently it has been used in relation to series addicts. Dr. Carr noted:

“Neural pathways can provoke heroin and sexual addiction in the same manner as addiction to watching TV shows does.”

142 Toledo University study participants find themselves addicted to TV shows

Scientists from the “Laguna family” health center in California have found that our brains perceive all actions that happened on a television, book, or just in the imagination as real. We begin to associate ourselves with the character of the book or the hero of the television series. These heroes cause empathy. We want to experiencetheir feelings.

John Mayer, a clinical psychologist at the “Doctor On Demand” clinic, notes that people use fictitious reality to get rid of stress. Watching television shows helps them to block thoughts about everyday routine.

In a study conducted by the University of Toledo, 142 out of 408 participants found themselves addicted to watching TV shows. Addicts reported to have higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression than others.

During a keen viewing, we dive into a fantasy world

According to experts, watching TV shows helps strengthen relationships with others. When a person regards series with other people, he feels himself as a part of the community. The world-famous festival “Comic Con”, which takes place in Russia, brings together the fans of various TV shows, comics, movies or video games every year.

Despite the benefits of the series, experts urge not to abuse viewing them. If you are thinking about spending an evening watching TV shows instead of talking with loved ones, the addiction is calling.

How to become an international volunteer

You can go abroad and get a language practice almost for free

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Many people dream to visit another country and join its culture, especially those who study a foreign language. But what if there is no money for a trip abroad? You can use an international volunteer program and in return receive practice of live communication with native speakers – such opportunities are provided by work of the volunteer. There are two ways to become a volunteer abroad.

The first way. Travel to a foreign country as a volunteer will help intermediary agencies.

International volunteer camp

Volunteers do not only physical work. They can teach children a foreign language or help the homeless

Each camp has its own theme. Some invite volunteers to clean the forest, others – to help the homeless, and others – to participate in the filming of the host country. Often it is spelled out possible work for volunteers in the description of the camp. The main task is to read everything carefully and choose the place where, in your opinion, you can fully reveal yourself. Organizers from one camp invite 10-20 people, they work together about 4-6 hours a day, and the rest of the time can be spent as they prefer. Usually the volunteer program lasts from one to three weeks, but you can find longer projects (for several months or more).

There are almost no age restrictions. Someone requires only adult volunteers, someone needs teenagers – in this case, the project will be marked Teen camp. There are also family camps where volunteers with children are invited. In order to take part in the volunteer program, you must apply on the website of the Russian sending organization (Sphere, Chipmunk, World4you), do not have outstanding criminal records and bad habits such as drug addiction and alcoholism.

The volunteer will live and eat in the camp free of charge, yet the tickets and visa will have to be paid for themselves. In addition, you must pay a fee for participation (about 5-7 thousand rubles for short programs). Many people claim it is embarrassed. But, as it is explained by the organizators, the money goes to the maintenance of the sending company (office rent, payment for the Internet, phones, electricity, etc.), and is a guarantee that the volunteer will get a place in the camp.  A month before the trip the participant receives a route, information about what to take with them, and contacts of the camp leader.

European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

The logo of the European corps of solidarity

Another program that allows young people aged from 18 to 30 years to go abroad as a volunteer. The European Union has been implementing it for 20 years. Conditions of participation are similar to the requirements of the International volunteer camp: a volunteer can participate in the project from two weeks to a year, must work from 30 to 38 hours a week and have a basic knowledge of English.

The company compensates all expenses: tickets, accommodation, food and transport. In addition, it provides the opportunity to attend language courses and go to two volunteer training. So, constant communication in a foreign language is exactly provided!

The second way. You can search for a volunteer program on your own, without intermediaries.  This is the most difficult and often unsafe way. But with the self-selection of the program, the participant will not have to pay the fee required by the Agency. However, in this case, no one will guarantee that the conditions of staying abroad as a volunteer will meet your expectations.

March “apple drink” from Tim Cook

Apple надеется взбодрить продажи, выпустив улучшенный iPad и обновлённый седьмой айфон

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Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

What happened?

There is information that in March 2017 Apple is going to present an improved iPad Pro and the updated generation of iPhones. According to unofficial sources, will feature just three of the updated iPad is about the same characteristics with displays of 7.9, 9.7 and 12.9 inches.

It is also planned to surprise fans of “frameless” an iPad with a diagonal of 10.5 inches, equal to the usual dimensions of the iPad Pro with a screen size of 9.7 inch. Estimated price “of bezrabotnykh” somewhere between 599 and 799 dollars.

Filling Apple gadgets, too modernizarea: iPad with a diagonal of 9.7 inches will work on the A9 processor from Samsung LSI. 12.9-inch iPad Pro will have А10Х chip, manufactured by TSMC.

iPad Pro 9.7" iPad Pro 12.9", next to the Apple pencil, sold separately for$ 100
the iPad Pro 9.7″ and iPad Pro 12.9″ next to the Apple pencil, sold separately for$100

According to forecasts, the supply of “Apple” tablets can begin as early as may of this year and will total 35-37 million units.

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Make us beautiful!

In addition to the upgraded tablets, the company intends to introduce new versions of their smartphones. Primarily the changes will affect the appearance. Insiders told the Japanese publication Mac Otakara that Apple is planning to upgrade the design of the iPhone 7/7+ and iPhone SE, adding a bright red color in addition to the existing five colours.

New design smartphone from Apple (in the middle). Photo from the Twitter account of the publication Mac Otakara
the New design of the smartphone from Apple (in the middle). Photo from the Twitter account of the publication Mac Otakara

As for the iPhone SE, the Corporation is not planning to release a “little brother” seventh iPhone in a red color. Currently available smartphones with memory of 16 and 64 GB and the same colors that the iPhone 7/iPhone 7+. In addition they will be issued further models with up to 128 GB.

It is possible that in addition to color solutions the Apple company will improve the technical parameters of the smartphones of the seventh generation.

What causes it?

Apple’s revenue from iPad sales in the first quarter of the new fiscal year fell by 19%. But CEO Tim cook sees no reason for pessimism: “I’m still optimistic about how we can develop the product.”

Perhaps the SE model iPhone with memory 128 GB will be able to gain popularity among users with average incomes who cannot access iPhone 8, estimated according to preliminary data of$ 1,000. Price iPhone SE are not yet known, but the trends show that the cost of the updated model will vary between 499$ and 549$.

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What to read





“Attraction” or rejection?

Лучшие профи работали над фильмом более полутора лет – и вот результат

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Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

The name Fyodor Bondarchuk attracted a lot of attention to the sci-Fi movie. This is evident by the film’s budget almost half a billion rubles, and by the fact that this is only the 4th film in our country, which is transferred to the IMAX format. We tried to find out whether the movie is as good as was told about her star in interview the TV channel Moscow 24 after the presentation.


Male gaze

“Gravity” is a film about what would happen if first contact with an alien civilization took place not in new York or Washington, and in the Districts. The alien ship downed by the Russian air force, becomes a stumbling block: the government, wanting to avoid unnecessary casualties, protects him from the people, and the people themselves demand to immediately expel the intruders with the “our Land”. The situation is complicated by the fact that in cordon there is a gap through which a too enterprising Teens can make contact with the aliens, the consequences of which, in fact, described in the film.

Female perspective

gravity fall

The plot is quite trivial. Julia Lebedev attends school in high school and lives with his father-a Colonel, as her mother died. She has a lovely young man, he and best friend with whom they climb onto the roof of the skyscraper to watch the meteor shower. Instead, he falls to the Ground alien ship Sol with the aliens, is very similar to transformers. Like one gets a pretty picture, but it spoils the second half of the film, which is more similar to Euromaidan in 2014, the year of Molotov cocktails than at the beautiful battle between humans and aliens.


Male gaze

The characters in “Gravity” are shown with all possible care. Colonel Lebedev performed by Oleg Menshikov it looks a lot like the strict father, the one whose daughter entered puberty, but because to understand it is extremely difficult. The daughter herself – Julia Lebedeva, which in the movie is played Irina Starshenbaum, – behaves like a real problem child, and her boyfriend Artem (Alexander Petrov) looks like an ordinary young man in love. Special attention also deserve a school teacher (Eugene kilometers) and Google (Evgeny Mikheev), the sincerity of which really wants to believe.

Female perspective

gravity cast

Many emotions in “Gravity” shows Irina Starshenbaum not bad, but I saw nothing unusual except for her name. This actress has no personality! And Irina and her character Julia Lebedeva if deprived of individuality, which is so important to exercise in sci-Fi movies. Otherwise, a large number of special effects overshadow an actor. In the films of this genre I’m used to seeing these beauties as Jessica Alba in “Fantastic four”, or Scarlett Johansson in “the Avengers”, but not “gray mouse” as the main character. Alexander Petrov is more suitable for Comedy films than dramas.

special Effects

Male gaze

From the very beginning of browsing, we marvel at the scale of surveys: extremely realistic space ship in the far reaches of space, fighters, explosions and meteorite impact – all performed at the highest level. The scene with the fall of the UFO in Chertanovo and did want to revisit again and again – so cool it looks. Of particular delight is the quality of study space suits of aliens, which if done manually, not with computer graphics. The interaction of alien technology with the water looks absolutely incredible – much better than in “the last airbender”. The quality and quantity of special effects, “Attraction” is quite comparable with the Hollywood blockbuster “2012”, which is caused not only multi-million dollar budget, but a brilliant work of specialists.

Female perspective

pull spec

At first glance on the poster and in the trailer the alien ship in the form of a sphere looks brilliant in all senses. Unfortunately, when you sit down to watch the film from beginning to end, you realize that it’s not as cool as previously thought. If the UFO in the middle of the skyscrapers of America looks intimidating, but it is relevant in Chertanovo – ridiculous. In fiction need hyperbole to the next frame was stronger than the previous one. That’s what’s really “catchy”. If you compare a recent film about aliens on Earth Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival” and “Attraction” of a novel, American drama, of course, wins. And not only on special effects.


Male gaze

Think about what will be the first contact with an alien race, we were offered more than once. Somewhere this momentous event almost turned into a disaster (“Alien”, “Predator”), where it was funny (“Mars attacks!”), and somewhere went by quite peacefully (“Contact”). However, the “Gravity” gives us much more cause for reflection, because its action takes place somewhere in America, right in Moscow, showing that it can happen anywhere at any time. And if the aliens do first come to Earth here and now, will we be ready for such contact? Bondarchuk sure will, and I have no reason not to believe him.

Female perspective

gravity suit

“Gratitude, loneliness, hate, love” – the meanings of these words the main character tries to explain to one of the aliens, which in appearance is no different from an ordinary person. The creators of fantastic pictures tried to combine the two stories: about the strongest feelings of the people about the disaster that will occur when approaching the UFO to Moscow. Maybe I should focus on one thing more details and to register the script. Sometimes it seemed that skipped some scenes, like the writers didn’t want to make the film taut. As it turned out! I involuntarily looked at the clock when sitting in the cinema.

Overall impression

Male gaze

On viewing I went with a clear feeling that much of “Gravity” that we should not expect too bad, in my opinion, showed themselves national cinema in recent years. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the filming and the script – the film is very worthy. Of course, not without some contentious moments, but they focus should not be – a major impact on the overall picture they do not have. “Attraction” after watching the leaves not only a pleasant experience, but also a ground for reflection, so I definitely recommend it for viewing the male half of the audience.

Female perspective

In the second half of 2016, the year of the Russian cinema has pleased me both great films, including “the Collector” with Konstantin Khabensky in the main and only role, the philosophical picture of “the Apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov and “Paradise” Konchalovsky. Amid such harrowing films with complicated storylines “Attraction” seems too superficial. If a person wants the soul to cry, then he chooses a drama, and if you want to relax and to relieve the brain, it is fiction. That is why I do not advise women to watch a movie of a novel: you just confused what to do.

The weakness of the strong ruble

Какие сюрпризы может преподнести российская валюта?

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Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

What happened?

Wednesday, February 15, the ruble has updated the mark of 56.6 per dollar and for 59.7 per Euro. This is the maximum strengthening over the past year and a half. The growth started in December last year (from 65 rubles/$) and during the week from 9 to 15 February 2017, the ruble grew by 5%. These figures contrast sharply with the budgeted: 67 RUB/$. The situation is also notable for the fact that the jump of the ruble is not dependent on oil prices, which was not changed in recent years, hovering around 55-56 $/bbl.

What could cause this?

One explanation for the significant growth of ruble predlogi member of the Board of Directors of the Bank Oleg Vyugin. In his opinion, massively buy up the roubles could a state company “Rosneftegaz”, which is now needed in the national currency. We will remind that “Rosneft”, which is part of Rosneftegaz, is in the process of purchase of “Bashneft”, which requires ruble assets.

The analyst of Bank “Zenit” Vladimir Evstifeev links the strengthening of the ruble with the approach of the tax period in Russia (it starts on February 15th). Since taxes are paid in rubles, demand for the national currency increased. According to experts, this is a temporary fluctuation.

Citibank analyst Denis Korshyliv notes that the policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation contributes to the attraction of foreign capital into the country. He draws attention to the fact that the declared level of inflation in the 2017 – 4%, which is almost 2 times less than the minimum rate of return on deposits (the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank – 10%). Thus, there remains the interest of foreign investors in national currency.

According to the portal Guru-Trade, in the future, the suspension of the strengthening of the ruble might occur in connection with the statement of the head of the fed (Federal reserve) the USA Janet Yellen that the increase in the key rate in the country is not precluded. Amid this news, investors have shown interest in buying dollars for deposits in banks of the United States, which usually leads to the growth of the dollar.

Official statements:

3the Kremlin is concerned by the strengthening of the ruble. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday afternoon savilthat the question of raising the rate Putin will be discussed at a meeting with acting Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin. However, in the transcript of the meeting, direct the discussion of the strengthening of the ruble is not. It is known that . to work on slowing inflation.

4According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the sharp strengthening of the ruble is also concerned about the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. According to him, if government does not start to buy foreign currency, the jump could be even more significant.

5on Thursday the head of the Ministry of agriculture Alexander Tkachev the TV channel “Russia-24” he said that the dollar is at 57 rubles “it’s not a disaster, but a severe blow to our national economy.”

Than good and worse than a weak ruble?

Anton Siluanov maintains that the intentional weakening of the ruble helps to maintain the competitiveness of Russian industry. In an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”, he said that Russian businessmen have already “accustomed” to the dollar at the level of 60 rubles. According to Siluanov, the further strengthening of national currency reduces the interest of foreign sellers in the Russian procurement. At the moment, the Russian production in accordance with the exchange rate it costs foreign buyers cheaper to own and is attractive to them.

However, the economist has to consider the situation from the other side. He warns that in the long run, the low exchange rate can lead to higher inflation: imports in ruble terms, much more expensive. Given that a large proportion of imports are capital goods rise in price will affect the cost of the final product, which will lead to higher prices in the country.

What are the expectations: will it rise or fall?

The analyst of Bank “Zenit” Evstifeev believes that the ruble is a little predictable. On the one hand, at the beginning of February this year, the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance announced that it will buy foreign currency on the financial market, while the price of oil reaches specified in the budget. Thus the ruble will weaken. On the other hand, a high refinancing rate attracts foreign investors and strengthen the ruble. And ruble assets have high volatility, that is, they are highly variable. Markets may soon experience a “wave of risk aversion” against the ruble. In this case, the ruble may sharply fall off.

Nordeo Bank’s chief analyst Olga Lapshin hold pessimistic expectations. She noted that the ruble looks “perekrasivshis” compared with other macroeconomic indicators such as balance of payments and the budget deficit of the country. “The strengthening of the ruble can not be infinite,” she concludes.

An employee of the company “Alpari” engaged in brokering activities, Anna Kokoreva follows opposing views on the exchange rate. It links the growth of the national currency with its “undervalued”. According to the analyst, we are now seeing how the ruble is on the background of stabilization of oil prices “catching up”.

Expert’s Commentary specifically for HIT.Media

the Leonid Grinin, chief researcher of Economics, the economist, futurologist:

1the Pros of the expensive national currency, in my opinion, is obvious. Imports become cheaper, the prices which have been bullied, can slow down and fall, and slows down inflation. There is a plus for investors: when a stronger currency may increase capital inflows. The strengthening of the ruble may impact in a positive way and from the point of view of the Central Bank, reducing the targets for inflation. But in the long run it is profitable will be.

Serious disadvantages are waiting for the exporters. Falling profits remain costs, increasing the price index with meager revenue, which, being in the foreign currency decreases in ruble terms.

I believe that to rely on this strengthening is not necessary, because the main issues in the restructuring of the economy have not been solved. Maybe not the lowest price on natural resources, but it can not rest on our laurels. Even if the oil price rises substantially, and borrowing becomes easier, then the country mired in their problems completely.


the material from the website of the newspaper "Vedomosti"
Infographics: website of the “Vedomosti”newspaper

According the international analytical company MSCI, starting in 2016, the ruble rose against the dollar by 25%, while the currencies of other developing countries appreciated on average by 7%.

Infographics from the site banki.ru
Infographics from the site banki.ru

The ruble began to crumble in the second half 2014: from the level of 35.5 rubles/$ in August to 60 rubles/$ in December. In October, the Central Bank adopted the decision on transition to a floating exchange rate. The minimum level of the ruble reached in January 2016 – 80 RUB/$. The last time the dollar was worth less than 58 rubles in July 2015. Information taken from site banki.ru.

What else to read?



A hybrid of man and pig obtained for the first time

Эмбрионы-«химеры» станут донорами органов для трансплантации

Reading time 6 minutes

Sorry, this text was translated with Google machine. Mistakes and misunderstandings are possible!

What happened?

Japanese University Kindai an international team of researchers (biologists from Japan, Spain and USA) for the first time in history created an embryo, which is a hybrid of man and pig, reports the Washington Post. The description of this experience published the scientific journal Cell.
In the article scientists call a hybrid “Chimera” in mythology it is the name is the creature with the snake tail, the body of a goat and a lion head. The Washington Post called the most successful experiment of the hybridization of man and animal, as well as a major step to obtaining the embryo of the animal functioning of human organs.

How does it work?

Scientists have introduced human stem cells into the embryos of pigs, in the early stages of development. Four weeks later two thousand hybrids 186 of the embryos developed to chimeras – organisms composed of genetically distinct cells. In these embryos human stem cells turned into cells that precede the formation of different types of tissue, including heart, liver and nerve cells.

Although human cells in the Chimera was extremely small, approximately one in 10 thousand, these cells normally worked in “foreign” body. Embryos-hybrids given the opportunity to develop within 28 days (that’s how long the first trimester of pregnancy in pigs), after which for ethical reasons they were destroyed.

According to lead author of the experiment, Professor Juan-Carlos Belmonte Izpisua, work experience took 4 years.

“We clearly underestimated how much effort will be needed. This is the first important step toward growing human organs in a pig’s body. Now we need to figure out how to make human cells turn into the right bodies to implement our main task is to learn how to grow transplanted organs”

quotes the words of Juan Belmonte RIA Novosti.

About 15 years ago, experts began to discuss the feasibility of transplanting animal organs into the human body. To do this, make the immune system not reject the foreign organ. The solution was not found yet, but scientists are developing special methods by which it will be possible to make the immune system “ignore” the foreign body.

Belmonte and the team came to the goal on the other hand – by growing human organs for transplant inside the body of the animal by means of the “genome editor” CRISPR/Cas9. This technology is used as a “killer” of some cells of the embryo at the time of the formation of any organ. Then the scientists administered on an empty seat stem cells of another organism, after which these cells begin to develop in the body, the site of which was cleared.


The main goal of research is growing in the body of the animal organs suitable for transplant to sick people. The body thus grown is more likely to take root in the human body, as initially it has a very close DNA. In addition, the results of the study can be used when testing new drugs.

What is the reaction of the public?

The fact of the creation of chimeras is causing a public outcry and heated debate. For ethical reasons the national institutes of health (NIH) stopped funding such experiments in 2015, and since then experiments are conducted on private money. In August, 2016 NIH promised to lift the moratorium, but still did not.

According to Belmonte, the fear of the Chimera is more concerned with mythology than with the real danger of a strictly controlled scientific experiments. In addition, as mentioned above, a team of researchers gave a new creature – embryo development was interrupted after 4 weeks.

“This is a sufficient period of time to understand how mixed cells of pigs and humans, but not to initiate ethical debate about adults animal chimeras”

said Juan Belmonte.

What other crossing were implemented in science?

These experiments started about 10 years ago, scientists carried out a crossbreeding mice and rats.

25 January 2016 in the journal Nature published an article describing how the body of the rat was raised by the rat pancreas, which is then transplanted mouse.

However, until now, could not cross a man with a larger animal (e.g., pig or monkey). In particular, this prevents different in the long process of embryo development: a pig’s pregnancy lasts about 4 months, while people – 9.

So it’s safe to say that the team Belmonte made a really significant step of learning how to “settle” the human cells into fetal pigs and mice.

It is noteworthy that the University Kindai in which an experiment was conducted, until being renamed in 2014 was called kinki, in the English language is associated with the meaning “crazy”, “overrun”. Here is crazy!


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Assassin’s Creed, the long-awaited and criticized

На российском экране – картина «Кредо убийцы» Джастина Курзеля, снятая по одноименной серии игр

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Male gaze


The film Assasin’s Creed revolves around the conflict between the Assassins and Templars. Two groups pursuing certain goals, trying to get their hands on the Apple of Eden, an artifact of divine origin, which gives the owner superhuman strength. It was the pursuit of him is at the center of the narrative and becomes the main motivation of the characters in the film: the Assassins are trying to protect Apple, while the Templars use it for their own purposes. The outcome of this chase depends the fate of humanity, so Callum Lynch – the protagonist of the film – to find his place in the world and lead the chosen way to success.

Female perspective
Speaking in plain language, this film tells the story of a murderer Callum Lynch, whom brought in the so-called “rehabilitation center” in Madrid. There it is connected to the “Animus”, the special apparatus, which allows to enter the regression and take the place of his ancestor who lived 500 years ago. Dr. Sophia Raylin and her father sent Callum in the past, that he found the Apple of Eden with which it is possible “to heal the world from violence.” The goal looks good, but the movie was too “muddy”.


Male gaze


The very arrangement of the film not too conducive to the manifestation of talent – most of the time the actors enough to maintain equanimity in the frame. And with that, I must say, they do perfectly. However, Michael Fassbender perfectly shows the audience the inner world of the protagonist, caught between two fires, and trying to find his way in the world of Assassins and Templars. Marion Cotillard, the female leading role, also managed to reveal his character – Sofia Raylin – we do not understand on which side will eventually face the employee of Abstergo industries.

Female perspective
I was very disappointed with the game’s main character Sofia. After a sensual drama “Allies” of the end of 2016, the year in which Marion Cotillard sincerely recited all of the dialogue and showed the tenderness, passion and despair of the French scout, her role in “Assassin’s Creed” was not crowned with the same success. In the new action she seemed emotionless throughout the film. As for me, it is better to criticize the actor, what not to say about his performance in the movie nothing. That Michael Fassbender does not surprise me and did not show his acting talent unlike the little actor Angus brown, who played Callum Lynch in the childhood.


Male gaze

The film is filled with action in the form of action scenes: the characters constantly fight, break away from the shackles or run – on dialogues almost no time. This, however, the movie does not harm – most of the filming produced at the highest level, although sometimes computer graphics visible to the naked eye. It should be noted that transitions between the two times of the film – 1492 the year and the present – which is never a surprise to the viewer, so it does not have to spend a lot of time thinking about what he saw.

Female perspective
How producers and Directors present to the past, where is Callum, namely Andalusia in 1492, the year, is truly mesmerizing. In the film there are beautiful nature photographs, for example, mountain ranges with a bird’s flight, ancient palaces, and the ancient city. Unfortunately, almost two-hour film, they occupy only a small part. But ¾ of the time is shooting battles, where flying dust, causing the faces of the actors become indistinguishable, and instead of the normal dialogue is heard only screams.

Main idea

Male gaze

The conflict between Assassins and Templars – not so much a gang war, as the opposition ideologies. The film shows how important for any person free will, even if it leads to the wrong action. It is no coincidence that it is related to the Apple of Eden, which Adam and eve were expelled from Paradise. This is the first manifestation of man’s free will is not mentioned directly in the film, but to see it for the metaphor it is easy. Thus the “overly aggressive” Assassins become the embodiment of freedom, and their famous motto – “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” – another proof.

Female perspective
In my opinion, the main idea of this picture is that if your ancestor was a criminal or a murderer, and you will be prone to violence. From such a fate is possible to save the people, if you go into the past and change fate. I agree, it sounds non-trivial and very strong. Only now this idea is very poorly implemented in the movie. It completely “slaughtered” a sword that even after viewing the film remains ringing in the ears.

Overall impression

Male gaze
I as a fan of the game series Assasin’s Creed movie seemed very decent. It was nice to plunge into the atmosphere of confrontation between the Brotherhood and the Order, once again remember the story of Desmond miles and hear memorized by heart the Oath. The plot did not seem so confusing, how he tried to imagine the critics, and the abundance of action scenes I would rather attributed to the merits of the film.

Female perspective
Ladies, if you are fans of the game “Assassin’s Creed” or fighters, then don’t waste your time and money on “assassin’s Creed”. First, there’s a lot of unknown for you words. Second, love the lines of the speech did not go. Finally, any emotion he did not have a cause, believe me, neither to cry nor to laugh, even frightened for no reason.